Gas Bottle Protector

Hideawayz Gas Bottle Protectors hide the 45kg Gas Bottles installed at many homes around New Zealand. The perfect gas bottle enclosure. 


The design of the Gas Bottle Protector is 3-sided as it is expected to be installed against the side of the house. A top is available as an option if you look down on the gas bottles. 

Because of the height of the gas bottle enclosure, the design allows for the posts to be concreted into the ground to the depth of 400mm. Two spacers are provided to ensure the top and bottom posts remain square when installing. 

The Hideawayz Gas Bottle Protector has double doors and opens 180 degrees providing easy access when the bottles need changed. 

Both the louvre and slat finish provides for good air circulation so no gas pooling is possible. 

Gas Bottle Protectors are available in a slat or louvre finish. Colours available are a brown, black or grey in either style consistent with all Hideawayz products. And our Gas Bottle Protectors look much better than bottle storage cages!


  • 2 x 45kg bottles - W1220mm x H1700mm x D510mm

  • 4 x 45kg bottles - W2290mm x H1700mm x D510mm




Installing on a concrete pad is possible using our base plates. This requires dyna bolts to be used to fix the plate to the concrete. Purchase the optional Base Plate & Cross Bar kit.

Hideawayz Gas Bottle Protector, Gas Bottle Screens Cover. Protecting 45kg Gas Bottle or LPG cyclinders.
Hideawayz Gas Bottle Protectors hide and cover 45kg Gas Bottes.
Black Gas Bottle Protector
Grey Louvre Gas Bottle Protector
Gas Bottle Protector with Slat finish
Base Plate and Crossbar Kit
Slat Gas Bottle Protector