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Vineyard Installs Gas Bottle Protector

The Hideawayz Gas Bottle Protector and Cover has been installed at a Central Otago vineyard.

Autumn days can be the best days of the year. Clear cool days, blue sky, and strong colours as the trees and grapevines all start to turn colour. Bannockburn in Central Otago is a picture!

Gas Bottle Protector Vineyard Custo Installation

This was the scene when visiting a customer who recently installed a Hideawayz Gas Bottle Protector.

The vineyard owner has a couple of cottages on his vineyards with 45kg gas bottles install on the side of one of the cottages. The Gas Bottle Protector was an attractive option for them as it tided the outside of the cottage up as well as blending into the local environment. The Louvre Gas Bottle Protector in brown was purchased and installed.

The Hideawayz Gas Bottle Protector fitted well into this idyllic New Zealand location and has hidden 100% of those unsightly 45kg gas bottles.

This million dollar view now looks more like $1.1m!

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Bannockburn Vineyard Gas Bottle Screens Installed
Hideawayz Gas Bottle Protectors Otago NZ
Bannockburn Vineyard Gas Bottle Cover Installed

Bannockburn Vineyard Gas Bottle Protector Installed

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