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Vertical Tool Sheds Ideal for Small Sections

Vertical Tool Sheds needed for new sub divisions

Many new subdivisions in New Zealand offer customers different land size packages. For those that prefer to have a smaller section, the question arises about where your tools and garden supplies would be stored?

Vertical Tool Storage Garden Shed

The Hideawayz Vertical Tool Shed provides the answer. A Vertical Tool Shed uses a very small footprint however is perfect for storing garden tools such as rakes, shovels and brooms. So even when sections are small, some owners will like to have a flower garden or may be raised vegetable bed so garden tools are required.

Installing a Vertical Tool Shed provides storage for long handled tools as well as water hoses, spray bottles, watering cans and general garden supplies. Often this can be install against the house and under the eaves.

A narrow footprint is all that is required to store your tools and garden supplies in a secure and all weather shed. Made from aluminium and powder coated in a louvre or slat finish, Hideawayz Vertical Tool Shed is just the answer. Colours include brown, black and grey.

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