Hideawayz Firewood Shed will store up to 6 meters of purchased firewood. If you are looking for a secure shed to store your firewood to dry, ready for the next winter then now is a good time to put your order in. Hideawayz offer a very modern and stylish firewood shed.


The firewood shed is very strong and made from steel. It has a mesh floor and back increasing airflow for drying. Finished with slat designed sides and front doors along with a galvanised roof. Installation would see the floor 100mm off the ground to ensure good airflow around the wood. The hang-over roof keeps the rain off the wood. Front doors can be padlocked to secure the wood, perfect for that holiday home or near the beach.


Size: W 2000mm  x H 2000mm x D 1240mm 


Comes as a flatpack. Requires assembly. 


Calculations of storage: (W x D x H)


  • 2m x 1.24m x 1.9m = 4.712 +  33% = 6.12 m


  • When buying firewood in NZ it comes as a throw or loose measure. When stacking wood you would lose around one third of the purchased measure. So if you were to purchase around 6m of firewood, this should stack into around 4.7m which the shed will support. Average cut of firewood being 300mm then 4 rows deep can be stacked.


Price Inclusive of GST - Shipping is FREE within New Zealand

Firewood Shed

SKU: HWS-9240-G
Colour: Grey
    • Frame 80x80mm in galvanized steel
    • Steel designed slats for increased airflow
    • Powder coated finished in grey
    • Mesh back and floor
    • Concrete the 4 posts into the ground
    • Flat pack with 7 items (back, sides(2), roof, doors(2), floor)
    • Requires assembly by 2-3 people
    • Delivery charges not included
    • Approx 250kg total package weight
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