Hideawayz 45kg Gas Bottle Protector is made from powder aluminium and is finished in a louvre design. Colours include brown, black or grey. The front doors fully open 180% make it easy to swap out the gas bottles. Posts are designed to be set in concrete however it is possible to also install on a path or deck. As these are installed against a wall there is no backing, however spacer-bars keep the back square and installation easier.  


*** Most Popular Product Available from Hideawayz ***


Configurations available for two or four gas bottles. 



  • W1220mm x H1700mm x D510mm (2 x 45kg bottles)
  • W2290‬mm x H1700mm x D510mm (4 x 45kg bottles)


Delivered as a flatpack. Install instructions provided.


The Base Plates & Cross Bar Kit provides the ability to install the Gas Bottle Protector onto a concrete surface instead of digging holes for the corner posts to be concreted into the ground.  


There are 4 plates and 16 screws included. In additional a Cross Bar is included to be install across the top of the front doors to keep the enclousure square. The Base Plates require dyna bolts to fix it to the concrete surface.


Price Inclusive of GST.


Gas Bottle Protectors for 4 bottles require ordering.

Gas Bottle Protector (Louvre)

SKU: HALS-9145G-46B
    • Material in aluminum alloy 6063 T5
    • Aluminum 120x20mm aerofoil louvre blade
    • All louvre blade horizontal to ground
    • Lock in middle
    • Post 60x60mm in aluminum alloy 6063 T5
    • There are two spreader bars on the back
    • Standard design without top cover
    • W 1220mm x H 1700mm x D 510mm (2 Bottles)
    • W 2290‬mm x H 1700mm x D 510mm (4 Bottles)
    • Posts 2100mm long
    • Optional Base Plate & Front Cross Bar Kit
    • Optional Top or lid for the enclousure