Hideawayz 45KG Gas Bottle Protector is made from aluminium and is powder coated and finished with slats in either brown, black or grey colour. It has two front doors that fully open 180%. Includes a lock. Legs would be concreted to a depth of 400mm. There is no back panel however two spacer-bars are included and are used to keep square when installing.


Dimensions: W1220mm x H1700mm x D510mm


If holes cannot be dug due to the ground being too rocky, Base Plates are available for $67.50 for a set of four. Normally this would require the posts to be shorterned by 400mm or thereabouts.


Price Inclusive of GST. See comments on shipping on the right side.


We deliver also to Australia, please contact us to discuss.

Gas Bottle Protector (Slat)

Base Plates (set of 4)
    • Material in aluminum alloy 6063 T5
    • Aluminum slat 65 x 20mm blades
    • All slatted blade horizontal to ground
    • The gap of two slats is 20mm
    • Lock in middle, left and right 510 mm
    • Post 60x60mm in aluminum alloy 6063 T5
    • Powder coated finished in brown, black, and grey colour
    • W 1220mm x H 1700mm x D 510mm 
    • Posts 2100mm long
    • Optional Base Plates (set of 4)
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